Spillway bowl and urn fountain

An outdoor or landscape fountain makes a great addition to any front yard, communal outdoor space, or backyard oasis. Property owners seeking to increase their homes’ comfort, appeal, and value can choose from various landscape fountain styles to create the ideal outdoor space.

If you’re looking at the landscape fountain market for the first time, you may feel a little overwhelmed. With so many sizes, designs, and costs to choose from, it can seem challenging to sort through them all and find the perfect fit. 

That’s where our Amen Corner Ponds team comes in. With years of experience building breathtaking ponds and pondless water features in Georgia and South Carolina, we have what it takes to make your outdoor design dreams a reality. 

In this blog, we talk about landscaping fountains that create an enchanting outdoor atmosphere, whether as an accent in your cozy back yard or as a focal point of a front lawn or communal outdoor space. We also cover factors you should consider when choosing a fountain for your outdoor area. 

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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Water Fountain

If you’re thinking about installing a landscape fountain on your property, chances are you already have a visual in mind. 

However, factors like budget limitations, increased design selection, etc., may mean you end up with a different kind of fountain than the one you have in mind. 

 Read below to learn about factors you’ll need to consider when purchasing a landscape fountain or save time by calling us today. 


Your budget makes a massive impact on your outdoor waterscaping potential.

 When purchasing a landscape fountain for your property, set an initial budget. Next, look at fountain types and prices to discern any adjustments you need for your fountainscaping goals. 

 Learn more and receive estimate information about complete fountain installation costs on our fountainscapes page or by reaching out to our team by phone.  

Fountain Type

Small urn fountain

While fountains vary considerably in appearance, each generally falls into one of three primary types. 

 1) Free-standing structures: Most people picture free-standing structures when visualizing a landscape fountain. Free-standing fountains make excellent centerpieces for front lawns, gardens,  etc.

 2) Wall-mounted garden fountains: These typically attach to the exterior of your home or garden walls. Wall-mounted pieces transform a dull or lifeless exterior into an inviting space for gardening and outdoor lounging.  

 3) Tabletop fountains: Tabletop fountains offer charm without sacrificing probability. This type of fountain boasts a low price tag, easy installation, and flexible placement options.  


Placing a large, sculpted free-standing landscape fountain in a small outdoor garden may seem charming in theory but would leave little space to enjoy the piece. 

Sizing your landscape fountain to fit the dimensions of your outdoor space properly ensures that you get the aesthetic you want without missing out on outdoor space.


Bowl landscape fountain in patio

Having a firm idea of your desired outdoor aesthetic when selecting a landscape fountain helps narrow down your options. 

To create your ideal enchanting outdoor space, visualize it first. What plants inhabit this space? What type of furniture, if any, exists? How does your perfect fountain look? 

Have answers to these questions ready when you start browsing the landscape fountain market. 


The location you want to place your fountain significantly impacts your options. For example, you may find it challenging to place a large marble fountain in the center of a small garden or backyard. 

 Additionally, lack of plumbing may mean a wall-mounted fountain or tabletop model would suit your outdoor space best. 

 Get expert help choosing the right location on your property for the fountain you want. Contact our Amen Corner Ponds team now. 

Installation Requirement

Some fountain installations require more extensive water supply preparation. For this reason, the installation costs for these fountains may be higher. Consider installation costs when modifying your landscape fountain budget. 

At Amen Corner Ponds, we can answer all your fountain installation questions. 

Fountain Features

Some fountains have features that further enhance your enchanting outdoor atmosphere. If desired, choose a fountain with an automatic timer, color-changing streams of water, etc. 

 Remember these features may impact the overall price of your landscape fountain. Always price compare before making a purchase decision. 

7 Enchanting Landscape Fountains

Plant filled spillway bowl

Still stumped about how to create a magical, inviting atmosphere using landscape fountains? Read below for enchanting ideas.

#1: Marble Free-standing Fountain

Marble has a dignified, regal look that lends itself to a mythical atmosphere. Give your garden space the air of Grecian grace by choosing a marble or faux marble free-standing fountain. 

#2: Aged Stone Wall-mounted Fountain

If you want to create a rustic aesthetic outside your home, choose a wall-mounted fountain in a material like aged stoned. Wall fountains invite birds and make particular plant growth more convenient while lending a quaint charm to your space. 

#3: Layered Stone Tabletop Fountain

Bring the element of zen into your garden or patio space. Make your patio table a place of relaxation by installing a layered stone tabletop fountain. Enjoy the soothing sound of water cascading over stones, washing away your stress. 

#4: Tiered Candle Tabletop Fountain

Try a candle-themed tabletop fountain with tiered lights if you’re looking for enchantment on a budget. This simple and affordable accent fountain can add a soft glow, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space for more hours of the day. 

The 3 Landscape Fountains Amen Corner Sells

While the above 4 are popular, these are the ones that our clients like the most:

#5: Spillway Bowl

Spillway bowls are excellent additions to gardens, natural areas, and beside patios. The water spills from one bowl into another where it can either cycle right back through or fall into a gravel basin and recycle from there.

#6: Basalt Stone

This landscape fountain looks magical as water seemingly appears out of the top and flows down the sides. You can add them to current water features or to your front yard.

#7: Stacked Slate Urn

You’ll often see these fountains by front doors or as part of a larger water feature. They come in many sizes and look great alone or in a group.

Build Your Outdoor Oasis with Amen Corner Ponds

Whether you need a tabletop, wall-mounted, or free-standing landscape fountain to match your ideal outdoor aesthetic, we have you covered. At Amen Corner Ponds, we believe in working with our customers during every step of their fountainscaping and pondscaping journeys. 

As a full-service pond and pondless water fountain company, we help with every aspect of your outdoor water features. We offer professional installation, repair, and maintenance of ponds, fountains, and more. 

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