One of the many wonderful things about owning a koi pond is feeding the fish. Throwing in a few pellets and watching your finned friends swim around with joy as they eat up the delicious food. It is an activity that the whole family can enjoy, but there are a few tips to keep in mind while feeding your koi. At Amen Corner Ponds we have compiled a list to help this process be smooth and easy as well as fun.
1: Feed Koi & Pond Fish High Quality Food
Fish food is not all as high quality as they may seem. Studies have been done to see which foods fish digest the best. What did it reveal? The best food for your koi is fish. Makes sense when you think about it. In the wild fish eat other smaller fish. We recommend Aquascapes fish food for your fish food needs.
2: Stick To The 5-Minute Rule
When feeding your fishy friends, make sure not to feed them more than they can eat in five minutes. Your fish will be able to consume what they need in that time period. If you find your larger fish are eating your water lilies and other plants you may want to up the amount a little.
3: You Don’t Have To Feed Your Fish
If you are worried about your beautiful butterfly koi or the one you call Moby Dick while you are on vacation, they will be just fine. If they are living in a proper ecosystem pond they will have plenty to eat while you and your family are away on holiday.