Many backyard fountain ideas

Are you looking to add some visual and auditory interest to your backyard? But you aren’t too sure what to use, right?

Find 35 backyard fountain ideas you can use to make your space more incredible! Use them as everything from patio ideas to focal points. By the end of this post, you should have a few ideas you’ll want to try out. Just be sure to think about fountain factors before installing one.

Professional Backyard Pond Ideas

1. Triple Tier Water Fountain

A triple-tiered fountain has three tiers with water cascading down from each one. It’s the perfect way to add movement and sound to your outdoor space while creating a beautiful focal point.

2. Traditional Spill Fountain

Spill fountain

This fountain has a simple yet elegant look. It features water spilling over rocks or other materials into a pool below, creating a soothing sound that adds ambiance to any outdoor space.

3. Statue Fountain

This type of fountain features a statue at its center with water cascading down onto rocks or other materials below. This type of fountain is sure to be a showstopper. It’ll get plenty of compliments from friends and family!

4. Statue Addition To A Fountain

For those who want something more subtle than a full-on statue fountain, consider adding a statue to an existing fountain. Place statues around the perimeter of the fountain or incorporate them directly into the design itself (such as having them standing atop rocks).

5. Small Garden Fountain

Small garden fountain

For those with smaller yards or limited space, consider adding a small garden fountain. This type of fountain typically consists of only one tier, with water cascading into a basin.

6. Tabletop Outdoor Fountain

A tabletop fountain is a great way to bring the soothing sound of water into your backyard without taking up too much space. Tabletop fountains come in various shapes and sizes, making them an easy addition to small backyards or patios.

7. Tiled Wall Fountain

This beautiful and functional feature provides your backyard with the serene sound of running water without taking up too much room. The tiles offer plenty of customization opportunities to fit any style or design.

8. Wall-Mounted Fountain

Example of a wall mounted fountain

Wall-mounted fountains are mounted directly onto walls or posts for added stability. They are available in various materials such as wood, metal, stone, etc., allowing you to customize them according to your design preferences.

9. Asian Themed Fountain

If you’re looking for something unique and eye-catching, consider adding an Asian-themed fountain! These fountains usually feature intricate details like pagodas and dragons that give off an exotic vibe while still providing the calming sounds of flowing water.

10. Japanese Inspiration Fountain

Japanese-inspired backyards are becoming increasingly popular due to their calming energy and minimalist design elements. They typically have simple yet elegant lines that focus on creating a balance between nature and manufactured elements.

11. Japanese Pedestal Fountain

The Japanese pedestal fountain features a tall, cylindrical basin with a gently sloping lip. Typically made from stone or concrete, it is easy to install and maintain. To complete the look, consider surrounding the fountain with gravel or pebbles and adding some aquatic plants like lilies or lotus flowers.

12. Bamboo Spout Fountain

Bamboo spout fountain

Consider installing a bamboo spout fountain if you want something more natural in your backyard pond area. This design uses water pressure to push water through a hollow bamboo tube which then flows out of an opening at the top of the tube.

13. Multi-Shaped Fountain

A multi-shaped fountain can provide an interesting focal point for your pond area. You can purchase pre-made fountains in many shapes and sizes or have one custom-made from concrete or stone. You can also incorporate small lights into these custom designs for added interest after dark.

14. Concrete Fountain

Use a concrete fountain for a classic touch in your backyard pond area. These durable structures typically feature a large basin with multiple small spouts around the perimeter that direct water back into the basin below them. Concrete fountains often come in intricate patterns and designs, so you are sure to find one that perfectly fits your unique style.

15. Millstone Fountain

These rustic pieces were originally used as grinding stones in grain mills, but now they make great decorative elements for ponds and gardens.

16. Contemporary Fountain Of Cast Stone

This type of fountain is made from durable materials like concrete and stone, giving it an elegant yet timeless look. It can also be made of high-quality materials like granite or limestone and feature smooth edges and intricate designs.

17. Simple Outdoor Space Fountains

Closeup of urn fountains

Sometimes the simplest design is the best. Simple outdoor space fountains are great for those on a budget who mostly want the relaxing sound of moving water in their backyard.

18. Matching Materials

Consider matching different materials together to create one cohesive design. For example, you could use natural stones with metal fixtures or wood with concrete accents for an eye-catching effect that will draw attention to your backyard oasis.

DIY Fountain Ideas

19. Bubbling Globe Fountain

This is a great project for the experienced DIYer and doesn’t require much in terms of materials—just some plumbing supplies, stones, and an old globe (or another circular vessel). The trickiest part is connecting the plumbing parts so the fountain works properly.

20. Small Bubbling Fountain

If you’re looking for something simpler, a bubbling fountain won’t take long to construct. All you need is a basin for collecting water, rocks of varying sizes and shapes, pump tubing, and an electric pump. Assemble it in whatever arrangement you like best and fill it with water.

21. Plant Pot Fountain

Plant pot fountain

Give an old flower pot new life as a fountain! All you need is the pot itself (preferably stone or terracotta), some stones or pebbles for decoration, waterproof sealant, silicone caulk (to allow movement between different surfaces), and a small submersible pump with tubing attached.

22. Tiered Plant Pot Fountain

This tiered plant pot fountain consists of three pots in various sizes plus some sealant, caulk, tubing, stones/pebbles to decorate each tier with, and a submersible pump. Don’t forget the waterproof sealant around the rims of each pot before assembly.

23. Ceramic Pot Fountain

If you prefer something classic yet modern-looking at the same time, try this ceramic pot fountain design. You’ll need two ceramic pots—one large enough to fit inside the other—plus stones/pebbles for decoration (optional), silicone caulk, sealant around each rim, and tubing attached to an electric pump.

24. Metal Fountain

If you’re looking for something modern and eye-catching, a metal fountain might be what you need. Metal fountains are easy to build because they don’t require any special materials or tools. All you will need is metal sheeting, which can be cut into the shape of your choosing, plus some screws and sealant.

25. Bucket Fountain

Bucket fountain

This type of fountain only requires water buckets, spray paint, and some rocks or pebbles for decoration. Just stack two or three buckets on top of each other in descending size order and attach them with screws. Then fill the top bucket with water and watch as it cascades down into the lower buckets below

26. Water Trough Fountain

All you need is an old water trough, pump tubing, stones or pebbles, and an electric pump to circulate the water. Place the pump at the bottom end of the container so that when turned on, it pushes water up through your tubing and out through several holes drilled at different levels along its length. The stones or pebbles will help hide unsightly pipes while adding texture and color to your design.

27. Water Wall

A water wall creates a wall of water inside a standalone frame or has water cascading down a rock wall. It’s truly one of the more unique and fun fountain ideas for backyards, and you can build it yourself.

28. Circular Water Wall

A circular water wall is as impressive as it sounds. It’s a water wall design but with a circular shape instead of a rectangular one.

29. Disappearing Fountain

This type of fountain is designed to appear as if water is simply bubbling up from the ground and then disappearing again. It’s easy and inexpensive to build, making it a great DIY project.

30. Tea Pot Fountain

A teapot fountain utilizes an old or vintage teapot as its centerpiece, with water flowing through it and out into the basin below. All you need are basic plumbing supplies, tools, and creativity in designing the basin.

31. Watering Can Fountain

This charming DIY project uses an old watering can as its focal point, with water being pumped from the can into the basin below.

32. Rock Bubbler Fountain

Rock bubbler fountain

This fountain uses rocks as its centerpiece, with water cascading down them in tiny streams before flowing into the basin below. You’ll need some larger rocks for this project, basic plumbing supplies, and tools.

33. Sprinkler Fountain

This creative fountain idea is low-cost and low-maintenance. Attach a sprinkler head to the end of a hose and set it in the middle of your lawn. The water feature will shoot water jets at different angles, creating a beautiful fountain effect. You can also adjust the height of the jets by adjusting the pressure coming from the hose.

Other Backyard Fountain Ideas

34. Solar Power Fountain

Solar-powered fountains come in all shapes and sizes. They require no wiring or electricity, are fast and easy to install, plus they don’t cost anything to run. If you want to add some atmosphere, try installing one with built-in lights that come on at night.

35. Floral Decorations

For those who prefer more delicate and stylish water features, consider adding floral decorations around your fountain’s base. You can use natural or artificial flowers—just make sure they aren’t too close to the water so they won’t get damaged by the splashing.

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