We often get the question here at Amen Corner Ponds, can I build a pond myself?

Medium backyard pond and water fall

Our answer, Absolutely! Follow the steps we will lay out in this article and you will have the process that our talented crews use to create beautiful outdoor spaces every time.

First let’s talk about the process and where it originated from. We are Certified Aquascape Contractors (CAC’s). This means we follow the best installation practices and procedures. This process has been assembled and perfected for over 30 years. We follow these same 20 steps to create massive Rec. ponds and small backyard ponds. So you can rest assured that this will be the perfect blueprint for your very own DIY pond.

Step by Step Process

1.  Mark out the outline of the pond using spray paint or a garden hose.

2. Place the skimmer and BioFalls where they are going to be placed.

3. Lay the plumbing between the BioFalls and skimmer. Then dig the trench for the plumbing.

4. Install the bulkheads on the BioFalls and connect the plumbing.

5. Excavate the pond out into three tiers. At this time dig out and install the skimmer into the side of the pond.

6. Install the underlayment and liner in the pond being sure that all edges have at least six inches extra all the way around.

7.  Attach the liner to the skimmer and hook up the plumbing.

8. Rock in the pond. Start in the bottom and work your way up each self adding gravel on the bottom and flat areas.

9. Position underwater lights. Make sure the lights are pointed away from the viewing areas as not to blind yourself at night.

10. Wash down the stones and gravel and pump out the dirty water.

11. Time to start filling the pond while you grab some lunch.

12. Now use the soil to shape out your waterfall or stream. Then connect liner to Biofalls and rock in the falls.

13. Now use the soil from the pond excavation and build a natural berm for the waterfall.

14. Use stone on the back side of the berm to help retain the soil and give it a realistic look.

15. Plug in the pump and enjoy your pond for a few minutes. Now tweak as you see fit. Try adding small stones and watch how it will change the way the water moves.

16. Trim excess liner and tuck it behind stones. Use a mixture of gravel, cobbles and mulch to hide it.

17. Mulch the berm and around the pond.

18. Clean up!

19. Add starter bacteria and pond plants.

20. Enjoy your very own oasis!

Hope this process helps you as you build your own koi pond! For more installation tips and tricks check out our social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.