Amen Corner Ponds Team building a pond
A common question we hear at Amen Corner Ponds is “how long does it take to build a koi pond?”. We have built ponds of many different sizes and have tracked our hours consistently on each project. We will go over how long it takes us and break that down to roughly what it would take an individual to build one on their own.
At Amen Corner Ponds we have three series of ponds ranging from small to medium to large.
On our small ponds it take our crew of three guys 2 days to install them. That would roughly take one person 5 days. When installing our medium ponds it take a crew of three guys with an excavator 4-5 days to install. That translates to be about 14 days for a single person to build a medium koi pond. We would highly recommend renting an excavator when building a medium to large koi pond. Now with our large koi ponds they are both big and very in depth as far as design and filtration goes. So, the time it takes to build can increase greatly. We have a 5 man crew on larger jobs and they typically take 7-10 days building with an excavator and skid steer. If one person was to take one a large project like this, they could expect to be working on it for a good month.
Each project varies with the scope of the work but this will hopefully give you an idea of what the average time it takes to construct a koi pond. We hope this blog helps answer your questions. Please feel free to check out any of our other blog posts and reach out to us if you have any questions you need answered. Thanks for reading!