This Is The Basic Process For How Contractors Can Build A Pondless Waterfall For People In Columbia, South Carolina, And The Surrounding Areas

There are a few different ways to build and design pondless water features. This is one of the ways your contractor can install one, though they may alter it to fit their own unique process.

In this post, you can find out how contractors build pondless water features and what can cause it to change.

Beautiful pondless water feature in a backyard

How To Build A Pondless Waterfall The Best Way

1. Designing your pondless water feature

You can usually have as much of a hand in the design as you would like.

One way is to bring an entire design to a contractor and see if they can make it happen. You can go the complete opposite and let a contractor design one for you. Then you can change it until it fits your style. You and your contractor can also work together to create a design. There are many pondless waterfall designs to choose from.

Your contractor needs to know where you want your pondless water feature to run. They need to see if there’s wiring, plumbing, or anything that could stop them from digging.

2. Marking the boundary

You or your contractor will want to know where to dig so nobody goes outside your design.

Your contractor should use plant-safe spray paint, rope, or something to mark out the boundary before they build a pondless waterfall. This is so they don’t dig where they don’t need to or shouldn’t.

3. Digging the pondless stream and basin

This is where the water will run or collect, depending on your design.

The stream is where the water runs down into the waterfall. At this point, you can have it fall into a basin full of water or a gravel pit. It depends on the noise and maintenance level you want.

4. Laying down the basin underlayment and liner

Your underlayer and liner help keep the water in your pondless waterfall and out of your yard.

When you or your contractor build a pondless waterfall, you will see a leak if you install the liner incorrectly or damage it. It can take a while to install a liner because you have to attach it precisely to the skimmer and filter.

Some liner installation tips are:

  • Use 45-mil EPDM line
  • Extend it over the edges by about one foot
  • Anchor it down with rocks to keep it in place
  • Get rid of wrinkles (some wrinkles are fine)
  • Extend the liner behind your waterfall, too

5. Installing the pump and skimmer

You need both of these parts to have a successful pondless waterfall.

Skimmers catch leaves, sticks, and other larger debris so they don’t ruin the look of your pond. The water flows towards them, carrying any debris along with it. Depending on your water feature and time of year, you only need to empty the basket once a week or so. 

When you build a pondless waterfall, pumps are a critical part. The pump circulates the water so it goes through the filters. This also keeps your water bill low as you aren’t using new water all the time.

6. Digging the streambed and waterfall drops

This is one of the most complex parts.

Building waterfall drops is difficult. You need to know the flow rate and a bit of engineering to place everything correctly. Testing the waterfall happens during this phase too.

7. Laying down underlayment and liner in the streambed and upper pool

You can follow the same advice as when you were laying down the liner in the basin.

8. Placing the waterfall rocks

When you build a pondless waterfall, you can use rocks for aesthetics or to create more exciting waterfalls.

Placing these is a task that may take a few trial and error tests. You want to make sure the water still flows well and doesn’t leap out into your yard.

9. Installing plumbing and BioFalls

Now you get to install more plumbing and the BioFalls.

The BioFalls are the waterfall and filter. It uses beneficial bacteria to keep the water clean and clear. 

10. Adding rocks and gravel to and around the pondless waterfall

You’ll want rocks and gravel in your pondless water feature for multiple reasons.

You want it to look natural when you build a pondless waterfall, right? Rocks and gravel make your pondless water feature look more beautiful and natural, more so than a black liner bottom. Rocks and gravel are also home to beneficial bacteria, which filter the water to keep it cleaner and clearer.

11. Trimming and disguising the liner

Speaking of wanting your pondless water feature to look more natural, you won’t want to skip this step.

Trimming and disguising the liner hides it so it doesn’t interrupt the natural look. You can disguise it with rocks, dirt, mulch, and more. The one part to ensure is that it still keeps the water in your feature.

12. Turning on the feature and adjusting waterfall, pump, and plumbing as necessary

When you build a pondless waterfall, testing and adjusting are critical.

You’ll be making sure the flow rate is correct, there are no leaks, the waterfall doesn’t need adjusting, and more. This is all to make sure you’ll love your pondless water feature!

What You’ll Want To Know Now

The water may take a while to clear up. This is natural and happens with every pond. You can use chemicals (plant safe!) to clear it up faster.

What Mainly Changes The Steps To Build A Pondless Water Feature?

  1. Additions or upgrades. Adding or upgrading anything during your project can change add steps. You can add filters to keep the water cleaner and clearer or put LED lights in and around the pondless waterfall to make it look like a wonderland at night.
  2. Your contractor. Water feature contractors can build a pondless waterfall with some slight differences. Depending on their process, they may add, take out, or change steps.

Pondless Waterfall Design And Placement Tips

Open areas are a great location because they’re easier to walk around. You’ll also love having it next to your patio or deck. People like to have it where it’s easiest to see.

Placing it under trees has pros and cons. It’ll have shade and be cool, making it harder for algae to grow. But, you may want netting during the fall to keep it from clogging with leaves.

You can do a few different design options when building a pondless waterfall. You can:

  • Have one stream with multiple waterfalls
  • Add in large boulders
  • Construct bridges over the feature
  • Plant aquatic plants
  • Landscaping
  • Install a bog for extra plant space

Build A Pondless Waterfall For An Incredible Backyard Experience

You’ll always wonder why you didn’t install a pondless water feature sooner. The calming view and relaxing sound combine to create something uniquely beautiful.

Contact us when you want to talk about your project! You can also find more information on our pondless water feature page.

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