pond liner with a hole
Leaks. Ugh. One of a pond owners worst nightmares. At Amen Corner Ponds we get many calls to help people find their leaks. So we have developed a easy system to locate them.
Now don’t get me wrong, not every pond has leaks. But if the right steps are not taken during construction and proper maintenance is not done, you will most likely see a leak at some point.
But with our simple 3 Step Leak Detection Guide, you will be able to find them a lot quicker and with much less headache.
Step #1: Once you have determined your pond is leaking, the next part is to find what part of your pond is leaking. So step one is to fill your pond to the proper water level and let it run like normal for 24hrs. (unless your water is draining in less than 24hrs.) and see if it loses water and how fast. If it loses water go on to step #2. If the water stayed, you most likely were experiencing high levels of evaporation.
Step #2: The next step is to fill the pond up to the proper water level and turn your pump off for 24hrs (If you have fish you will need to run an aerator during this step) and monitor your water level. If you still lost water then the leak is in the pond. Continue on to step #3. If you didn’t lose any water, than the leak is somewhere in the plumbing or waterfall.
Step #3: Since you are on to step #3, your pond must be leaking in the pond itself. So how do you find it? At this point you may have to remove your fish and put them in a temporary tank. Now you have to let the water drain until it stops leaking. Whatever level it stops at, that is where your leak is. You will have to search all the way around your pond to find the exact place your leak is at.
Now that you have found your leak you can fix it yourself or have an expert fix it for you. Also, you may find that after fixing your leak that you still lose water. In that case run through the steps again. You may find you had more than one leak.
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