Add Some Splash To Your Backyard Pond

Spillway bowl and waterfall as part of a backyard pond

Have you ever looked at your backyard pond and thought it could use a little extra flair? Or maybe you’ve wondered how to elevate your koi pond from serene to sensational?

This blog post will walk you through the costs of adding various types of water features to your existing pond.

Stick around, and you’ll discover how to make your pond the talk of North Augusta, SC.

Cost To Install Backyard Water Features In A Pond For North Augusta, SC

So, you’re ready to add some charisma to your focal point in North Augusta, SC. Adding a backyard water feature to a pond in North Augusta can cost between $75 and $10,500 or more.

Here are ranges of what it could cost to install various types of water features in your existing pond.


Spouting Fountains: $1,500 – $7,500

With water shooting up into the air, it’s an eye-catching addition that brings life to your backyard. These fountains can range from a simple carved stone basin to an elaborate tiered fountain.

Cascading Fountains: $75 – $3,000

These fountains have water trickling down from one level to another, often in a stone structure. They’re a low-maintenance option that still adds tons of charm.

Floating Fountains: $225 – $1,500

Floating fountains are easy to install and can be moved around to different parts of your pond. They’re a great way to add running water to your landscape without breaking the ground or requiring easy access to electrical outlets.

Find backyard fountain ideas you can use to enhance your home in North Augusta.


Sheet Waterfalls: $675 – $9,000

Imagine a water wall as the backdrop of your pond. A sheet waterfall does just that, creating a flat surface where water flows down, surrounded by rocks and plants.

Cascading Waterfalls: up to $15,000

For those who want to go all out, cascading waterfalls can turn your garden into a mini nature reserve. The sound of water tumbling over rocks and gravel is soothing and brings a bit of the country into your backyard.

Streams: $1,500 – $10,500

Natural streams are built to mimic the real thing, complete with bends and turns, rocks, and native plants. They’re lined with a durable material to prevent leaks and are easy to maintain.

Find out how the pros build a landscape stream.


Geyser Jets: $750 – $4,500

Geyser jets add a dynamic element to your pond, shooting water up at intervals. They’re especially popular in modern gardens and can be set to operate at specific times.

Fan Jets: $300 – $2,250

Fan jets create a fan-shaped spray of water, providing a simple yet elegant touch. They’re easy to install and are a great way to attract birds to your pond for a quick bath.

Specialty Features

Rain Curtain: $1,500 – $7,500

A rain curtain is a unique water feature that mimics the look of falling rain.

Laminar Jets: $3,000 – $10,500

Laminar jets produce a clear, non-turbulent stream of water. They’re often used in high-end installations and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Misting Systems: $150 – $1,500

If you want to add a touch of mystique to your pond, a misting system can create a foggy surface, especially beautiful when hit by light from the sun or moon.

Hybrid Features

Fountain-Waterfall Combo: $2,250 – $10,500

A fountain-waterfall combo gives you the best of both worlds. You can have a cascading waterfall leading into a larger fountain basin or a fountain at the top of the waterfall.

Stream-Waterfall Combo: $2,250 – $10,500

Similar to the fountain-waterfall combo, this feature combines a stream with a waterfall, offering dynamic movement and plenty of visual interest.

Cost Factors For An In-Pond Water Feature Addition

Waterfall with light cascading into a backyard pond

Type Of Water Feature

From garden fountains to cascading waterfalls, the type you choose will significantly impact the overall cost. For instance, a simple stone fountain will be far less expensive than an intricate waterfall and stream.

Check out these landscape fountains!

Size And Scale

A small tabletop fountain for your deck is going to be much more budget-friendly than a sprawling stream that spans the length of your yard. Keep the size of your outdoor space in mind when making your decision, as there needs to be room to fit your new water feature.

Material Used

Options, like carved stone basins and high-quality metals, will cost more but offer a luxurious look. On the other hand, materials like resin or fiberglass are more affordable but may not have the same aesthetic appeal.

Complexity Of Design

If your dream water feature includes multiple tiers, complex plumbing, and advanced electrical work, be prepared to pay a premium. Simple designs with fewer components will be easier on the wallet but may not bring the same level of satisfaction.

Electrical Requirements

Whether you’re installing a simple garden fountain or a more complex tiered fountain, you’ll likely need an electrical source to power the pump and any additional features like lights. It’s crucial to contact a certified electrician to ensure everything is up to code.

Plumbing And Piping

Water features aren’t just about aesthetics; they also require a functional plumbing system. From the water line that feeds your feature to the pipes that circulate the water, each component comes with its own set of costs. If your design includes multiple tiers or a complex flow pattern, the plumbing can get quite intricate, adding to the overall expense.

Labor Costs

In North Augusta, SC, you can expect to pay between $600 and $2,400 for professional installation (costs may vary outside of this range). Remember, you’re not just paying for manual labor; you’re also paying for expertise.

A skilled contractor can bring your vision to life, ensuring that the pump is correctly installed, the water lines are secure, and all the little details are taken care of.

Ongoing Maintenance

Whether it’s a simple bird bath or a large fountain, maintenance is a must. Regular cleaning and filter changes are essential to keep your water feature in top form.

In North Augusta, SC, you can find pond contractors who have maintenance packages that take the hassle out of upkeep.

Permits And Licenses

Depending on your local regulations in North Augusta, SC, you may need permits to install certain types of water features. It’s always best to check with your local authorities to see what paperwork needs to be filed.

Skipping this step could lead to fines or even having to remove your newly installed feature.

Geographic Location

While we’re focusing on North Augusta, SC, it’s worth noting that prices can vary even within this area. Factors like the cost of labor, the availability of materials, and even the time of year can all impact the final price.

Additional Accessories (lights, timers, etc.)

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories when it comes to enhancing your water feature. These little extras can add a layer of sophistication and functionality to your setup. In North Augusta, SC, popular add-ons include:

  • Lights: Illuminate your water feature to make it the center of attention during evening hours (find out the cost of pond lights).
  • Timers: A smart way to manage your water feature’s operation, saving you both time and energy costs.
  • Automated Feeders: If your pond hosts fish, an automated feeder can make care easier.
  • Water Quality Monitors: Keep tabs on pond pH levels, temperature, and more to ensure your water feature stays in optimal condition.

Seasonal Demand

In North Augusta, SC, demand for backyard water features tends to spike in the spring and summer. This increased demand can drive up prices for both materials and labor. If you’re looking for a deal, consider planning your project for the off-season.


After investing in a beautiful water feature, the last thing you want is for something to go wrong. That’s where warranties come into play.

Many contractors offer these as an add-on, providing you peace of mind. These packages can cover everything from regular cleanings to repairs, ensuring your water feature stays in tip-top shape.

DIY vs. Pro Pond Contractor Installation

Spillway bowl at the top of a stream waterfall

While DIY water feature installation can offer some cost savings, they come with their own set of challenges. While some smaller fountains are easy to install, complex water features should be handled by a pro when being installed in an already existing pond.

In North Augusta, SC, professional pond contractors bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. They can navigate the complexities of plumbing, electrical work, and design, ensuring that your water feature is both beautiful and functional.

Plus, many contractors offer warranties, giving you that extra peace of mind.

Why Add A Water Feature To Your Koi Pond?

Stream and waterfall addition to a pond

You might be asking, “Why should I even consider adding a water feature to my koi pond?” The answer is as clear as the water in a well-maintained pond.

Water features can transform your outdoor space into a tranquil retreat. Whether it’s the soothing sound of a babbling brook or the mesmerizing sight of a cascading waterfall, the benefits of a backyard water feature will elevate your home and life.

Step Up Your Backyard Oasis With Amen Corner Ponds

Throughout this post, we’ve navigated the cascading considerations and costs of installing various water features, unraveling the mystery of creating a serene escape right in your backyard. With the curtain pulled back on the complexities of water feature installation, it’s time to dive into making that dream a reality.

Amen Corner Ponds stands ready to bring your vision to life, ensuring each ripple and cascade is perfectly placed to elevate your outdoor space. Fill out our contact form today, or give us a call.