So, you’re thinking about getting a koi pond? Well at Amen Corner Ponds we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to help you decide if a koi pond is right for you. As we go over both pros and cons consider how you are hoping to use this koi pond and if the pros outweigh the cons of owning your very own.
Pros: Owning a koi pond is truly a joy if you install the right feature and understand what it entails to own one. Probably the biggest pro of owning a koi pond would be the enhancement it makes to your yard and life. The sights of water flowing and brightly decorated koi swimming about will bring a smile to your face everytime you’re around. The sound of hearing peaceful running water as it finds it’s way down the stream or waterfall, will create a relaxing haven from your day to day bussel. Another main reason people enjoy their koi ponds are the koi themselves. Many koi pond owners find the koi to be their favorite part of their backyard oasis. Maintenance is low if the pond is installed correctly, especially compared to a pool or spa. It will spark creativity. Not only in you, but in your kids also. In a world where video games and cellphones are a part of life, kids need this exposure to nature. And lastly, water conservation. An ecosystem koi pond is a huge benefit to our worlds’ ecosystem that is struggling to conserve water. So now that we have listed the most popular pros, let’s get into the reasons a koi pond might not be for you.
Cons: So with as much joy as a koi pond is to own, there are things you need to know before having one installed. Maintenance. That’s right I know what your saying. “This was one of the pros. How can it be in the cons as well?” Well here it is. There is maintenance with owning a koi pond. Now if the pond is installed correctly, the maintenance should take around 15 minutes per month. But, if the pond is not set up correctly you could find yourself spending 30 minutes or more each day. It is for this reason that we are so committed to teaching what a low maintenance koi pond is. Electric bills are something else to note. If you are running a pump that is designed for ponds and LED lighting it should be around $10 per month to run everything. Again if you have an over complicated system that is not meant for ponds it can run you north of $75 per month. So electric costs are something to consider. Another important fact are renovations. A koi pond will need to be renovated just like your bathroom or kitchen. Plan on renovating a koi pond sometime between 10-20 years after installing it, depending of course on the level of maintenance. Lastly, we will go over finding and knowing a local expert. After installing a koi pond, make sure that you have someone to call when you need some help with your new backyard paradise. Finding this expert that will have the answers you need can be difficult. We suggest looking for a Certified Aquascape Contractor. They are the best in the industry and will have the knowledge to solve your problems.