A Clear Pond Is A Happy Pond

Pond filter

Have you ever looked at a murky pond and wished it could be crystal clear? Ever wondered how much it would cost to transform your pond into a pristine water garden?

In this post, we’ll explore the costs associated with pond filters, the unsung heroes of pond clarity.

By the end, you’ll know how much a pond filter replacement can cost. You’ll also understand the value of investing in a quality pond filter and why cleaning and maintaining your pond in Augusta, GA, is so important.

Understanding Pond Filters And Their Costs

Pond filters come in a variety of types, each with its own range of costs.

The main types of filters include mechanical filtration, biological filtration, UV filtration, and filters that combine these methods. Mechanical filters remove solid debris from the water, while biological filters use bacteria to break down harmful substances. UV filters use ultraviolet light to kill or inactivate microorganisms.

Here’s a breakdown of some popular pond filters and their costs:

  • TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filter (Biological, TetraPond, $130-$160): This filter is ideal for keeping pond water clear. It uses biological filtration to maintain water quality and clarity.
  • Aquascape Submersible Pond Filter (Mechanical and Biological, Aquascape, $60-$80): This filter provides efficient mechanical and biological filtration, ensuring your pond stays clean and healthy.
  • TetraPond Water Garden Pump (Pump, TetraPond, $40-$70): This pump powers waterfalls, filters, and fountain heads, adding beauty to your pond while also aiding with filtration.
  • TotalPond Complete Pond Filter with UV Clarifier (Mechanical and Biological with UV, TotalPond, $100-$130): This filter not only provides mechanical and biological filtration but also includes a UV clarifier to keep your pond water clear and healthy.

The cost of a pond filter can vary greatly depending on the type, brand, and specific features of the filter. It’s important to choose the right filter for your pond size and the specific needs of your water garden.

Pond Filter Replacement Costs

Filter NameFilter TypeBrandCost RangeDescription
TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure FilterBiologicalTetraPond$130-$160
Ideal for keeping pond water clear.
Aquascape Submersible Pond FilterMechanical and BiologicalAquascape$60-$80
Provides efficient mechanical and biological filtration.
TetraPond Water Garden PumpPumpTetraPond$40-$70
Powers waterfalls, filters, and fountain heads.
Aquascape UltraKlean Biological Pressure FilterBiologicalAquascape$250-$300
Provides optimal filtration for ponds.
Pond Boss Filter Kit with PumpMechanicalPond Boss$70-$100
Ensures water clarity.
TotalPond Complete Pond Filter with UV ClarifierMechanical and BiologicalTotalPond$100-$130
Promotes a healthy and vibrant pond.
Aquascape Pond SkimmerSkimmerAquascape$300-$350
Provides efficient mechanical filtration.
TetraPond Filtration Fountain KitFountainTetraPond$50-$70
Includes 3 fountain heads.
TotalPond Universal Pump Filter BoxFilter BoxTotalPond$20-$30
Works with most pond pumps.
Aquascape Signature Series Pond SkimmerSkimmerAquascape$400-$450
Provides efficient mechanical filtration.
Pondless Waterfall VaultSubmersible Pond FilterAquascapeStarts at $377.99
A robust filter, placed in the pond to filter the water.
Tempo Submersible Pond FilterSubmersible Pond FilterNot specifiedNot specified
A sturdy filter for maintaining the water quality of your pond.
Pondmaster Filters Pondmaster 500, 1000, 2000Submersible Pond FilterPondmasterStarts at $47.34
Variety of sizes available to suit different pond volumes.
EZ Bio Filters by MatalaSubmersible Pond FilterMatalaStarts at $27.00
Convenient bio filters for a cleaner pond environment.
Ecomax Pond Filter by Sicce PondSubmersible Pond FilterSicce Pond$86.75
Eco-friendly pond filter for sustainable filtering.
Container Water Garden Filter by AquascapeContainer Water Garden FilterAquascape$27.98
Perfect for Patio Ponds!
OASE Complete Filter Kit 1300Filter KitOASE$112.69
Comprehensive filter kit for larger ponds.
Acurel Filter Media Coarse Poly Pads 12″ x 12″Filter MediaAcurelStarts at $4.85
High-quality coarse poly pads for effective mechanical filtration in your pond.
EasyPro Pump Pro-Tectors 8″ and 12″ DiameterPump ProtectorEasyProStarts at $29.13
Protective casing for pumps, ensuring longevity.
Screened Filter Baskets by FiltrificScreened Filter BasketFiltrificStarts at $407.40
Keep your pump safe from debris with this high-capacity filter basket.
Filter Basket Replacement ScreenReplacement Screen for Filter BasketUnspecifiedStarts at $184.46
Replacement screens for your filter baskets to ensure efficient filtration.
Pondmaster Pro Line Pump VaultsPump VaultPondmasterStarts at $165.79
High-capacity pump vaults for your submersible pump. Protect your pump and ensure smooth operation.
390 Gallon Filter TankFilter TankUnspecified$5,201.39
A high-capacity filter tank for larger ponds. It can handle up to 390 gallons of water.
40 Gallon Filter Tank by FiltrificFilter TankFiltrific$1,043.25
A smaller capacity filter tank that can handle up to 40 gallons of water. Perfect for small to medium-sized ponds.
T40SP Side Pod by FiltrificSide PodFiltrific$627.98
An addition to your existing filtration system to enhance its capacity.
75 Gallon Filter Tank by FiltrificFilter TankFiltrific$1,888.69
This filter tank can handle up to 75 gallons of water. Ideal for medium-sized ponds.
Snorkel and Centipede Wetland FiltrationWetland Filtration SystemUnspecifiedStarts at $269.99
A unique filtration system that mimics natural wetland filtration for exceptionally clean water.
Sicce Syncra Pond PumpsPond PumpSicceStarts at $69.99
High-performance pond pumps by Sicce. These pumps are durable and ensure effective water circulation.
Submersible Pump Screens by EasyPro 12″ dia. x 14″ tall and 20″ dia. x 18″ tallPump ScreenEasyProStarts at $118.99
Keep your submersible pump protected from large debris with these screens.

Factors Influencing Pond Filter Costs

Uncovered waterfall filter

When considering the cost of a pond filter, it’s important to take into account several factors.

You want to ensure the filter you choose brings all of the benefits of a pond filter to your pond.

Each of these factors plays a unique role in determining the final price tag of your pond filter. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Pond Size

The size of your pond is a major factor in the cost of a pond filter.

Larger ponds require more powerful filters to effectively clean the water. This is because larger volumes of water contain more debris and potential contaminants that need to be filtered out.

Therefore, filters for larger ponds are typically more complex and robust, leading to a higher cost.

Filter Type

The type of filter you need for your pond also significantly influences the cost. There are different types of filters, including mechanical filters, biological filters, UV filters, and filters that combine these methods.

  • Mechanical filters work by physically trapping and removing debris from the water.
  • Biological filters, on the other hand, use bacteria to break down harmful substances in the water.
  • UV filters use ultraviolet light to kill or inactivate microorganisms.

Filters that offer both mechanical and biological filtration are often more expensive because they provide a more comprehensive solution to maintaining water clarity and health. These dual-purpose filters work to remove both solid debris and harmful substances, providing a cleaner, healthier environment for your pond’s inhabitants.


The brand of the pond filter is another factor that can affect its cost.

Premium brands like Aquascape offer high-quality filters that are known for their durability and efficiency. These filters are designed to last and often come with additional features or warranties that can add to their cost.

However, investing in a high-quality filter from a reputable brand can save you money in the long run. These filters often require less maintenance and have longer lifespans, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Our Pond Filter Suggestions

Amen Corner Ponds has a selection of pond filters that we often endorse, based on our comprehensive experience and the positive reviews from our customers.

For biological filtration, our top picks are Biofalls or a custom-made wetland filter. These filters are highly efficient and versatile, making them some of the best options for pond filtration. A custom-made wetland filter can be designed to meet the unique requirements of your pond, offering exceptional biological filtration and fostering a balanced ecosystem.

When it comes to mechanical filtration, we usually recommend a skimmer. Skimmers are proficient at removing debris from the water’s surface before it sinks and decomposes, which aids in maintaining the water’s quality and transparency.

Both of these are essential for maintaining a clean and clear pond, rather than one that drains your resources.

We have a particular affinity for Aquascape products. As the sole manufacturer that also constructs ponds, they have years of practical experience in testing and improving their products. They stand behind their products, and their quality is attested to by thousands of satisfied customers. Moreover, their dedication to eco-friendly practices aligns seamlessly with our own philosophy. With Aquascape, you’re not just purchasing a high-quality product; you’re also supporting a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.

Making The Right Choice For Your Pond

Choosing the right filter for your pond is crucial for maintaining a healthy and vibrant water garden.

It’s not just about finding the cheapest option; it’s about finding a filter that will effectively remove debris and harmful substances from your pond, keeping the water clear and safe for your fish and plants.

Remember, a clear pond is a happy pond. And with the right filter, you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy water garden right in your own backyard.

Amen Corner Ponds Can Clean And Maintain Your Pond So It Stays The Highlight Of Your Backyard

At Amen Corner Ponds, we understand the importance of a well-maintained pond. We specialize in maintaining and cleaning koi ponds in Augusta, GA, and we’re here to help you make the best choices for your pond.

With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to keep your pond looking its best. So why wait? Fill out our contact form today, or give us a call. Let’s make your pond the best it can be!