Pond waterfall with mossy stone

An outdoor pond can transform your front or backyard into a tranquil work of art, but building one that’s showstopping enough to stand out requires more planning than just digging a hole on your property and filling it with water.

Ponds need the right color palette, features, and personal flair to truly make a difference. So below, we’ll look at eight pond landscaping ideas that will transform your boring water features into staples of your home.

Lean Heavily Into Gravel and Stones

Well-placed rocks and stone slabs remain the simplest additions you can put in a pond, but they’re still among the most effective ways to give your water fixture a distinct and elegant appearance.

Filling your pond with small gravel of different sizes, shapes, and hues give it a gorgeous texture and color. Creating a stone border with larger stones will allow it to stand out while maintaining a natural aesthetic and safety when standing around the water feature. This is a great option if you have young children!

You can even use large rocks as stepping stones to build a fun, natural pathway across your pond with an eye-catching aesthetic.

Plants Are Your Friends

Floating aquatic plants

Outdoor backyard ponds look their best when they match the natural environment around them. And the best way to get that look stems from turning your boring pond into a thriving water garden with plants and flowers around the border.

Cleaning a pond filled with aquatic plants and water lilies requires a little more work than maintaining an empty water feature, but will also help with algae control. Even still, the visual pop and peaceful feeling that well-placed vegetation provides make the extra effort worthwhile.

Vibrant Colors Brighten Up Everything

Healthy grass and water lilies help your pond stand out, but if you want to elevate your pond landscaping ideas to something more extravagant, you can mix colorful flowers into the standard green shades.

Any brightly colored flowers will bring life to your pond and give it a unique aesthetic that embodies your personality. But you can add color to your pond in more ways than just flowers and plant life. Things like tinted rocks, benches, or wood contrast plantless ponds enough to make them a stunning staple of your yard.

Consider Unique Shapes and Styles

If you really want to have a creative aesthetic in your yard, you can ditch the classic pond landscaping ideas with the traditional in-ground cylindrical or circular shape and embrace something wholly unique.

Many modern-style ponds are rectangular or square, with sleek, sharp edges that fit well with contemporary homes. While those shapes aren’t as natural as conventional ponds, filling them with water lilies and flowers will help them blend into your yard without sacrificing their stylish appeal. Additionally, ponds are easy to customize, so you can experiment with shapes like an hourglass or an oval if you have a specific vision.

Experimenting with pond styles beyond the standard in-ground options provides another great way to make yours more expressive.

Turn It Into a Koi Pond

Koi ponds have been the most classic and sophisticated-looking pond landscaping ideas for years, and they still hold water today. Pun intended!

The koi fish bring the excitement of having pets to your backyard while adding a splash of unique color and activity. And since koi fish feed on algae and insects, they’ll also help you clean your pond.

Of course, owning a koi pond comes with the distinct “chore” of emptying the skimmer basket once per week. But if you can spare a few minutes each week to care for your new pond, you’ll be absolutely loving life in your yard!

Benches, Bridges, and Other External Features

Pond with bridge and patio

Well-placed features around your pond will determine its aesthetic as much as what you put inside it. For example, a wooden bridge over a pond with a stone border can give it a rustic appearance, while a sleek concrete bench near a rectangular pool will make it feel even more contemporary.

Small waterfalls, streams, and fountains are some of the most common pond design upgrades. Other popular pond features include benches and bridges to establish both a unique tone as well as a place to enjoy the pond.

Small Ponds for a Small Backyard

For as gorgeous as well-planned and maintained ponds are, they can be space-eaters in cramped environments. But you can condense your pond to fit comfortably in a quiet corner of your yard rather than building it into a centerpiece that leaves no room for other outdoor fixtures.

But shrinking your pond doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. You can still fill it with plants and build a stone border around it using smaller planters and materials.

In addition, small, well-built ponds make great additions to flower beds or other natural areas since they bring additional serenity and unique visuals to already peaceful and vibrant plant life.

Weave It Into Your Patio or Deck

When at their best, ponds, decks, and patios become beloved outdoor features that promote comfort and relaxation throughout your yard. As such, more people choose to combine the two and build a small pond within the outdoor living space every year.

Not only will having a small pond on your deck or near your patio add a serene feeling to the already peaceful space, but it will also add a splash of unique color and style.

Bring Your Pond Landscaping Ideas to Life With Amen Corner Ponds

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