Pond lighting down waterfall

Many property owners focus strictly on utility when considering pond lights and layouts. While properly placed lighting does increase the safety of outdoor water features, thoughtful lighting selections and placements can transform a pond from a darkened lagoon to an inviting oasis. 

If you struggle to find creative lighting options for your pond, we have you covered. Our Amen Corner Ponds team has the knowledge and pondscaping experience to help you build a vibrant, healthy pond.

 In this blog, we talk about popular pond lights and layouts in 2022. By reading below, you’ll learn all you need to know about everything from surface lights to lighting for safety. 

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Most Popular Pond Lighting Options in 2022

Like most property owners, you want to get the most out of your landscaping investments. For best results, take your time vetting all of your options. With knowledge, professional guidance, and careful consideration, you’ll find the perfect pool lights for your property in no time. 

Downlighting for Ponds

Downlighting on waterfall and pond

One of the most popular pool and pond lighting options, downlights provide illumination from above your outdoor water features. 

Achieve a unique atmosphere by placing several downward-facing lights on surrounding walls, trees, or other above-ground landscaping features. Experiment with colored lenses, soft white bulbs, or even gradient downward lighting to build your perfect pond experience. Alternatively, use downward lighting to highlight unique aspects of your pond, such as stone steps, cascades, and more. 

Downward pond lighting offers the significant benefit of being above water. For this reason, this type of lighting requires less extension waterproofing than surface or submerged pond lights.  

For more information about downward pond lights, including cost, installation, and more, reach out to our team. 

Surface Pond Lighting

Surface-level uplights are a great choice if you want to highlight your water feature with hidden pond lights. 

Rather than sitting directly on the pond’s surface, these lights illuminate your pond from just above the surface. In this way, these lights avoid being completely submerged and lend themselves to disguise. 

Place surface uplights behind or around pond accents such as stone borders, fronds, or other decorations for an enhanced but natural atmosphere. This placement allows for tasteful pond highlighting without visible equipment. 

Surface uplights also work well for pond perimeter lighting. Create decorative pond borders using tinted or soft glow uplights to increase the safety of your water features at night. 

While they lack full submersion, pond surface uplights require water-resistant casings. When purchasing surface uplights for your pond or water feature, check for an IP rating of 65 or above. 

For professional guidance on purchasing and installing pond uplights, call today. 

Underwater Pond Lighting

Multiple pond lighting types on waterfall and pond

Underwater pond lights lend themselves to some of the most enchanting outdoor atmospheres. 

Create an inviting nighttime oasis by using underwater pond lights to highlight fish or unique aquatic plants. Give a gentle glow to a waterfall or fountain by placing underwater pond lights in the pools below these features or inside the cascade itself. 

Underwater pond lights come with specialized waterproof lenses and cases. Thanks to this technology, pond lights withstand submersion year-round. Choose bright LED underwater lights with an IP rating of 67 or higher for underwater pond lights that last. 

If you’d like to hear more information about submersible LED pond lights, our team has the knowledge and experience to answer all of your questions. 

Floating Pond Lights

Are you searching for a way to illuminate your pond or outdoor water feature without installing permanent light fixtures? Floating LED lights may be the solution for you. 

Designed to take advantage of water surface tension, floating pond lights incorporate waterproofing and solar or otherwise rechargeable batteries. This makes floating lights an excellent choice for a low-maintenance upgrade to your pond. 

Not interested in standard lights? Try an illuminated floating pond fountain for a unique look and added utility. Alternatively, choose floating pond lights that look like flowers or leaves for a more natural effect. 

Security Lighting

If you already have atmospheric lighting in your pond or outdoor water feature, you may simply be looking for additional lighting for safety. Fortunately, we can use a combination of different pond lights to create a brightly lit outdoor pond or water feature without compromising your desired aesthetic. 

At Amen Corner Ponds, we work hard to give you the outdoor oasis of your dreams. If you’re installing lighting for a new pond, we’ll work with you from start to finish to bring your ideas to life. We also make adding additional lighting a breeze with our product knowledge and installation experience. 

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What To Know When Buying Pond Lights

Lighting behind waterfall

If you’re branching out on your own to buy pond lights, it pays to know what you need ahead of time. Brushing up on common terminology can save you time, stress, and money. 

In review, downlights sit outside of your pond or water feature, typically in trees or surrounding foliage. These lights come with standard weatherproofing and should be suitable for outdoor use. Check the packaging for an IP rating of 45 or higher. 

Surface uplights, floating pond lights, and underwater lighting require effective waterproofing. These lights require an IP rating of at least 65. 

Find the Perfect Pond Lights with Amen Corner Ponds 

Lighting your outdoor oasis doesn’t have to be a challenge. At Amen Corner Ponds, we listen to your ideas and help you build a beautiful, energy-efficient lighting system for any pond or pondless water feature. 

As a full-service pond construction, maintenance, and repair company serving parts of Georgia and South Carolina, we offer recommendations and installation for pond lights, as well as pond cleaning, regular pond maintenance, fountainscaping, and more.

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