Your Columbia, South Carolina Neighbors Are Using These Pondless Waterfall Design Ideas For Their Water Feature Project

Small child playing in gravel basin of a pondless waterfall

 In this post, you can find out what a pondless water feature is, design ideas, and the benefits of choosing and installing one. A few design ideas include a simple waterfall, a long stream, and more.

What Is A Pondless Water Feature?

A pondless water feature re-circulates water through a waterfall or stream using underground pumps and pipes. 

Instead of the water ending in a pond, it either ends in a small water or rock and gravel basin. The water then filters down into the recirculation system. There’s more to what a pondless waterfall is than just this.

6 Pondless Waterfall Design Ideas

1. Simple waterfall

You may simply want a small waterfall so you can get the sights and sounds of running water without taking up too much space.

Small waterfalls are great for going beside patios and short decks. You can enjoy the sound and the view while having room for almost anything else you need in your backyard.

2. Long stream

You can install a long stream that ends in a waterfall for a more impressive look. You can have it run alongside your patio or deck or even the boundary of your yard. There are a few best places to put a water feature.

3. Multiple waterfalls

Stream made from multiple waterfalls

There are a couple of different ways you can have multiple waterfalls in your feature.

You can mix in a few waterfalls along your stream or have a taller feature with scattered waterfalls throughout it. More waterfalls mean you get more of the calming sights and sounds of running water.

4. Stone or wood bridge

If you have a long stream, a stone bridge can be beneficial.

Nobody wants to jump or wide step over a stream or pondless waterfall. It’s a great way to risk getting wet when you don’t want to be wet.

You can install a stone or wood bridge to take this risk away. It also adds visual interest to your already incredible water feature.

5. Logs and driftwood

If you want to make your water feature look more natural, you can add wood to it.

A big log or piece of driftwood can add some visual appeal amongst all the stone and water. It also just looks like it belongs there.

6. Fountain addition

You can also add another water feature to your pondless waterfall.

There are many different types of fountains, such as urn and basalt. You can place it at the top of the stream or in the basin at the bottom.

Why Do People Want A Pondless Water Feature?

You and other homeowners may not want everything that comes with a larger water feature.

Larger water features need more maintenance, space, and money. You may not want to have to put that much work or money into your feature. Or, you may have more plans for your backyard space.

A pondless water feature doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, can take up much less space, and usually costs much less than a more extensive water feature. You still get the same sights and sounds without all the hassle.

More Pondless Waterfall Benefits

Closeup of a pondless waterfall

Safer for families

Pondless water features are safer for families with small children and pets. There isn’t a bigger and deeper body of water that may concern parents.

Lower cost

Since pondless features need fewer materials and less labor and time to build, they’re usually less expensive to install. This also makes them a good beginning feature. You can always work your way up to getting a backyard pond.

Less space

If you want to have more in your yard than just a water feature, a pondless waterfall may be perfect for you. They take up less space, and even ones with long streams are still only a few feet wide.

Less maintenance

You just need to make sure the skimmers are clear, and you may have to refill it some depending on evaporation rates. If the water gets cloudy or full of algae, you can throw in some chemicals without worrying about hurting any plants or fish.

You’ll want your pond contractor to maintain it once or twice a year to make sure everything’s working correctly. Then you can enjoy the sights and sounds of your feature without worry.

Use A Pondless Water Feature To Make Your Backyard Incredible

You’ll love your pondless water feature no matter what design you choose. Your backyard could become the envy of your friends, family, and neighbors.

Contact us if you want to start designing or planning your feature. You can also check out our pondless water feature page.

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