Child sitting on rock next to pond

Are you looking to spruce up your yard with a new and beautiful installation? We have several pond ideas that can deliver just that! A pond is a great way to promote style and relaxation at any home or business.

You can enjoy dozens of options when picking the best pond for you. Neighbors and guests will praise your property for its sleek new feature and want one for themselves. Here are our favorite ten pond ideas you should try out!

While we don’t offer all of the ponds on the list below, each of these pond types have different meanings to different people so we wanted to discuss them all!

Smaller Ponds

Small ponds can provide a tasteful variety of elements to any outdoor space. These ponds are typically more affordable to homeowners and require less upkeep than larger installations. Try these excellent options if you are a homeowner who wants to accentuate your yard.

1.    Flagstone Rocks

Flagstone rock ponds are simple ideas for modern and rural home aesthetics. Flat rocks border the pond and define its edges with a natural yet organized look. Homeowners typically use flagstone rocks for smaller ponds, though this style looks great with any size.

Pond installation experts can arrange flagstone rocks in countless patterns and styles. You can choose to add vibrant plants around the border or keep it clean.

2.    Water Garden Ponds

Plants, like lily pads and cattails, can improve any pond. These water gardens provide a natural look to even the most urban property. Water gardens also make great homes for fish if you decide to add life to your installation!

Some water gardens only have one floating plant. Other ponds may enjoy a paradise of vegetation.

3.    Inground With Pond Liner

Rock being place on pond liner

Create cozy corners in your yard by installing a small inground pond. These installations are quick and easy to build. Pond liners protect your soil and property from water leaks and damage, especially when pond underlayment is put down prior!

This durable material means you won’t have to worry about sharp rocks damaging the liner in or around your pond. Small inground ponds are great for accentuating the yard without being the central focus.

In fact, we use pond liners in all of the ponds that we build since they are an amazing way to retain water.

4.    Fish Pond

Fish are great additions to any small pond on your property. They bring a new sense of liveliness and motion to your installation. Small ponds can also sustain several different fish species so that you can enjoy a variety of water pets.

With these pond ideas, owners can choose between fish of all different sizes and colors. Our pond professionals can set up your small installation so you can keep fish safe. This task requires many calculations, including:

  •       Water depth calculation
  •       Plant life compatibility
  •       Fish population planning
  •       Proper water treatment

The planning is well worth the results! Fish make a beautiful addition to your garden.

5.    The Natural Look

If you prefer a pond that looks more like a natural occurrence than an installation, look no further! You can achieve a natural-looking pond by hiding your water pump in the skimmer unit to maintain the appearance of a natural pond.

These ponds pair well with other yard features like decks, small bridges, and pathways. The amorphous shape of your pond is a convincing look for those who enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Exquisite Ponds

Larger, more exquisite ponds bring a new range of expression to your property. However, these ponds typically require more planning and a bit more upkeep to achieve. Whether you want a more extensive water garden experience or something to pair with your fountains, exquisite ponds are a great choice.

1.    Koi Fish Pond

Small koi fish pond

Koi fish ponds add eclectic color to your installation. These ponds enhance the peace and beauty of zen gardens and other elaborate overlooks. Japanese koi fish are social and live well with other species, giving you the option to introduce different fish life into your pond.

Koi pond owners can sit back and relax while watching their fish swim and explore this beautiful feature. When considering koi pond ideas, make sure you use installation materials that are safe for the fish.

2.    Landscape Ponds

Landscape ponds and fountains are typically larger installations built into the backdrop of your property. You may choose to place this pond between trees or on the side of a natural slope. This method creates a stunning display of borderless beauty for your property.

Consider adding features to your landscape ponds, such as cascading waterfalls or vibrant plant life.

3.    Modern Concrete Ponds

Try an above-ground concrete pond with water if you are going after the modern look. Owners have the luxury of customizing their ponds at any height or shape to complement their architecture. These ponds pair well with floating plants or water fountain installations.

Placing a modern concrete pond in a courtyard or the entrance to a business adds a sleek flavor to the property.

4.    Covered Additions

Add a pergola or gazebo to your pond and relax in the shade. These additions are popular for those who like to spend time by the water. Placing a shelter over the pond can also create an exclusive and private space for you to retreat.

5.    Elegant Pond

Elegant ponds incorporate classical features such as statues and tiered fountains. Stone cut or marble barriers enhance the style and promote a more regal look. These ponds are great for homes that feature traditional western architecture.

Add floating plants and fish life to your elegant pond for a relaxing experience.

Get Excited About Your New Pond

Are you getting excited thinking about a new pond? With so many design options to choose from, you may have several ideas! Partner with pond experts to help you organize and plan your next installation, whether you have a large or small backyard.

At Amen Corner Ponds, we offer consultations to prepare your home for your beautiful new water garden. Our professionals build your pond from the ground up! We treat every installation like a work of art, respecting your property along the way.

Our team will walk you through everything you need to know about your new pond’s water features and upkeep. We value your peace of mind, so we don’t hide costs or information from you.

Do you have new pond ideas for your home? Contact Amen Corner Ponds in North Augusta, SC, today!