Fountain spilling into natural pond

Landscaping garden fountains are an excellent way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space. You can find any shape and style to fit your aesthetic. Whether you want to create cozy corners in small areas of your garden or make a statement with a large installation, the options are endless!

Need help choosing your next fountain installation? Experts at Amen Corner Ponds offer ten landscaping garden fountain ideas for your home.

What Is a Landscape Garden Fountain?

Landscape garden fountains are small to large fountain installations for your property. They enhance your outdoor spaces’ visual and audible experience. These features connect to a water source and run off into a nearby pool or pond.

Most fountains consist of durable materials such as stone, ceramic, or metal. But because most fountains run consistently, they require regular maintenance and upkeep to operate. Water pumps and internal components may need replacement after some time.

Fountains deliver water in various ways. Homeowners can enjoy many of the following styles:

  •       Running water
  •       Cascading water
  •       Raining or trickling water
  •       Pouring water
  •       Bubbling water

To maintain a pristine look, you can treat your fountains with anti-algae and anti-insect chemicals. However, avoid treating it with corrosive cleaners that may harm the material or color. You should also avoid damage by shutting off the fountains before colder seasons when pumps are vulnerable to freezing.

If you have any questions on how to maintain your fountain or want us to help do it for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

1.    Simple Cisterns

Simple cisterns are a great way to get the soothing sounds of fountain water without the attention-drawing gaudiness of larger fountains. These galvanized barrels or small stone bowls make lovely additions to any corner of the yard.

These solutions are affordable and easy to install due to their size and materials. Both rural and urban home styles can benefit from this tranquil garden fountain.

2.    Bamboo Fountains

Bamboo fountains pair nicely with cottage and Eastern-style gardens. The hollow wood of the plant allows water to flow uninterrupted. Professionals can cut and arrange bamboo into simple or elaborate waterways, giving you numerous design options.

You can improve your Zen garden with the addition of a bamboo fountain. This solution is perfect for those looking for affordable landscaping garden fountains.

3.    Stone Waterfall

These installations make beautiful additions to backyards with medium size water gardens. A stone waterfall can be as simple or elaborate as the homeowner wants it to be! Specialists can build these water fountains with carefully arranged stone or masonry to promote a professional look.

Stone waterfalls make wonderful garden fountains due to their durable design.

4.    Tiered Fountains

Spillway Bowls in front yard

Tiered fountains are great centerpieces for courtyards and outdoor spaces. These fountains draw attention with their tall stature and soothing sounds. The beauty of tiered fountains also comes from their expressive nature.

You can top your tier fountain with antique statues or surround the levels with ornate designs. Enjoy the trickling water traveling down these old-world-inspired fountains.

5.    Water Wall Fountains

Make your fountain an integral part of your property’s infrastructure. This solution cascades water from a raised pond into a lower pool, accentuating the stone or metal wall behind it. Create an impressive nighttime display by projecting LED lights over the water.

Water walls are popular in contemporary homes and utilize large spaces. Consider taking advantage of your home’s elevation to emphasize this landscape garden fountain.

6.    River Rock Waterfalls

River rocks imitate beautiful rolling creeks under waterfall fountains. These rocks can reduce the sound of water so you can relax and enjoy the quiet stream. River rocks come in many shapes and sizes.

You can arrange and stack these stones in countless ways to direct the water as you please. River rocks make elegant connecting routes between landscaping garden fountains and ponds.

7.    A Modern Touch

Precisely cut concrete or marble stone fountains provide a sleek, professional look to the property. These fountains can act as a wall addition or a stand-alone piece in your garden. Give color to your modern fountain by surrounding it with lush plants.

Homes and businesses benefit from the simple yet modern design of these fountains. These solutions look best as medium or large-size installations.

8.    Miniature Fountains

Mini fountains add a big personality to your garden. Accessorize your backyard by strategically placing several pieces throughout the space. Mini fountains come in different styles, including rustic, gothic, and avant-garde.

Mini fountains provide quiet sounds across the garden and require significantly less water than larger installations. Another fantastic perk to owning mini fountains is that you can move them wherever and whenever you please with relatively low effort!

9.    Ceramic Fountains

Ceramic fountains draw attention with their beautiful colors and textures. These installations emphasize the vibrant colors of your plant life and architecture. You can find cost-efficient factory ceramic fountains or invest in artisan designs.

Water gently falling across its smooth ceramic surface makes for a soothing spectacle.

10.    Mounted Fountains

Mounted fountains take inspiration from antiquity. These installations fix to a wall or surface and release water into a small protruding bowl. Mounted fountains make beautiful additions to your architecture and offer a range of charming designs.

These installations look best in number. Surround your garden or home with symmetrically mounted landscaping garden fountains to promote a sense of culture.

Enhance Your Water Garden with Fountainscapes

Urn Fountainscape

Fountainscapes enhance your garden significantly. Whether you want to catch the eye with a single beautiful piece or create a network of stunning fountains, we can help! Amen Corner Ponds is the premier company for fountain installation.

We help hundreds of homeowners improve their outdoor spaces with countless pond and fountain designs. We don’t just build; we clean and repair ponds as well. Our professionals source superior materials and methods to deliver quality service on time.

Don’t just fantasize about a beautiful garden! Let us install your dream fountain today so you can kick back and relax. You deserve an outdoor space that will relieve stress and impress your guests.

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