Waterfall pump for koi ponds

People love a beautiful koi pond or fish pond because it brings a calming essence to any backyard area. However, ponds require more attention than just admiring eyes. Like plants, other animals, and healthy bacteria, the fish inside the pond need oxygen to survive.

The fish will not survive without the proper waterfall pump to provide a healthy oxygen level.

You want your pond to look good, and you want it to last you a long time. How can you keep a healthy oxygen level in your pond, though? Amen Corner Ponds knows that proper oxygen in your pond is key to the survival of the aquatic plants, animals, and healthy bacteria inside.

What Causes Oxygen Levels in a Pond to Drop?

The main reasons oxygen levels drop in the pond’s water are high-temperature increases and algae and sludge build-up. Hot summer months naturally increase water temperature, and these spikes produce algae growth. Algae will create oxygen during the day, but it absorbs oxygen at night, stealing it directly from the pond.

Sludge build-ups are hard to break down, bringing an unhealthy quality to the water. Inadequate water quality is the biggest problem with low oxygen levels in a pond.

What Happens When Oxygen Levels Drop?

Oxygen levels in a pond usually range above ten parts per million. If it drops below three parts per million, it becomes dangerous to the pond life and causes the fish to become stressed. A common sign of a stressed fish is the fish gasping for air at the water’s surface.

Fish are also prone to getting sick and catching diseases if the oxygen levels drop too much. Your water garden will become a tomb for the fish if the oxygen is not taken care of right away.

Which Pump is the Right Pump for My Pond?

Pond with two waterfalls next to each other

Having the correct fountain pump filters the water and helps with oxygen flow. You will need a pump, whether it’s an air pump that introduces oxygen deep inside the water, an aeration system, or a pump with a filter that cleans the water as it runs. The pump you need to get will also depend on the size of your pond.

The TetraPond Water Garden Pump

This water garden pump filters water between 1,000 and 1,500 gallons every hour. This quiet and reliable pump is submersed in the water, staying out of sight. You can also easily power your water features, waterfalls, and fountain heads without a hassle.

The sealed motor is oil-free, making it perfectly safe for fish ponds. There will be no toxic leaks to worry about with this pump.

The TetraPond Debris-Handling Pump

The debris handling pump is a continuous pump that minimizes blockage. It also offers debris, sediment, and algae removal from your pond. With its energy efficiency that filters 4,000 gallons every hour, this premium pump will allow you to have plenty of plants and fish.

This pump has effortless maintenance. You unplug it, remove it from the water, and clean it with easy access to the filter. Suitable for all-day and all-night operations with a clog-free performance.

The Eco Plus Pump

This pump filters 1,083 gallons every hour, and it is installable on dry land or submerged in water. It can power your pond’s fountains and other water features without a hassle. This model is easily submersible with lower power consumption than other models.

The Eco Plus pump is easy to maintain and has an effortless cleaning process in seconds. It is powerful and removes sediment and tougher debris like sticks and leaves. It also has easy access to the filter to swap out for a clean one in seconds.

The AquaSurge Pump

There are various sizes of this pump, each with different capabilities. What makes this line of pumps unique is that there are several with adjustable flow rates. So if you’re looking for a pond pump where you’re able to increase or decrease the flow of water (via remote control), this will be a good pump to consider.

The PL Solids-Handling Pond Pump

Similar to the AquaSurge Pump, this line of pumps comes in various flow rates from 3,000 gallons every hour to 7,300 gallons every hour. This pump has been known for its durability because it’s been designed to handle any solids flowing through it effectively.

The ability to handle solids results in less maintenance on the pump itself.

Measuring Oxygen Levels and Increasing Them

Most experts recommend you use a dissolved oxygen testing kit when you need to measure the oxygen levels in your pond. If you need to increase the oxygen levels, more water must come into contact with oxygen in the atmosphere. The surface always in direct contact has the highest oxygen levels, so increasing the surface area will bring more oxygen to your pond.

This information means you do not want small deep ponds because the deeper the water, the less oxygen is at the bottom. You want a wide, shallow pond to distribute the oxygen evenly.

Increasing Movement With the Water

elaborate ecosystem pond with basins bowl and waterfall

Increasing movement can quickly add oxygen when you install a fountain, waterfall pump, or pond waterfall to your water area. The movement of the water increases surface area coming into direct contact with air and oxygen. Having this direction means more oxygen particles will dissolve into the water.

Naturally, you want the waterfall to be reasonably tall enough to give water time for oxygen to be absorbed inside. Also, the deeper the water splashes inside your pond, the more oxygen will travel further into the water, bringing more oxygen to your aquatic life.

You Can Add Oxygen Stones as Well

You can add things to your pond, such as oxygen stones. Use oxygen stones alongside air pumps and help supply air bubbles into the water. Oxygen stones will increase pond water surface area and water movement, maximizing the potential of more oxygen that comes into contact with the water.

These will make your pond last longer, and the stones can also add a pleasing aesthetic.

Maintaining Your Pond’s Oxygen Levels in a Healthy State

It takes more than a simple waterfall pump to keep the oxygen flowing nicely in your pond. Your pond requires a lot of consideration, and Amen Corner Ponds considers everything when we construct your new pond. We also offer pond maintenance, cleaning, renovation, repairs, fountainscape construction, and installation of water features.

If you want a pond in your backyard or already have a pond and require assistance, contact Amen Corner Ponds through our contact form. We have several locations in Aiken, SC, Lexington, SC, Columbia, SC, Augusta, GA, and Evans, GA. Let us help you with all of your pond needs.